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A Tribute to Astronomy

As interested as I am in the raw, intricate molecular physics of the world that surrounds me, I find myself somewhat naturally, and maybe a bit unusually drawn to the astronomical and planetary sciences. 52 और  शब्द


Photos: Asteroids in Deep Space

Space.com Science and Astronomy

There are countless asteroids in our solar system. See amazing photos of asteroids from astronomers and NASA spacecraft studying the space rocks up close.

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Using science to imagine a fantasy world

I’m a science writer by profession, but in the last few years I’ve started spending 30 minutes every day writing fiction. The first completed work was my… 2,502 और  शब्द


Star Hopping

Today I want to remind you of what we did at our first class, star hopping.  If you create a path in the sky from one constellation to the next, it’s a lot easier to learn all of the stars and constellations.   847 और  शब्द


Word of the Week: Sol!

Hey Sky Fans!

Before I get to today’s excitement, I got a thing (I think that’s a technical term) saying I put up my 200th post a few days ago. 745 और  शब्द


A spaceship called imagination

Human Beings and Space Exploration  

Expectation on a space mission.

The relationship between human beings and planet Earth has gone sour.

The Humans took Earth for granted since a long time, stopped caring about her needs, began exploiting her mindlessly and without giving anything back, so much so that, the patient, bountiful Earth, has started revolting and like a woman with existential crisis, is questioning the purpose of being in this evidently dead relationship, often giving threats of  breaking up. 533 और  शब्द


This Black Hole Has The Fastest Winds Ever Recorded

Like a bat out of Hell, winds coming from this black hole are equivalent to a category 77 hurricane. That’s more than 200 million kilometers per hour! 558 और  शब्द