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Black holes are one of the most amazing things in the universe we learn about as kids. As children, we imagine giant vacuums cleaners that stretch you like “spaghetti” if you fall into its venomous trap- pretty much the coolest monster of the universe. 170 और  शब्द


Gravitational forces could not disintegrate a moon of a planet

Rings around planets are thought to be formed, in part, by the disintegration of small moons by the gravitational forces of the parent planet. However, this is unlikely to be the case as moons around a planet are compositionally different from asteroids or comets. 240 और  शब्द

Space Exploration

The Moon

Three generations sat in Ben’s kitchen, awakened at 3am by the baby crying. Ben father was feeding Ben’s son from a bottle. Ben pulled his phone from his pocket, read an official warning not to look at the moon tonight, and ignored it from the time being to focus on the ongoing conversation with his dad. 453 और  शब्द


My hovercraft is full of eels! And other common Icelandic phrases.

Hey there,

I leave for Iceland in just two days and I am losing my brain over it because I have never traveled internationally before. I’m glad that I will be with a group of friends and two professors who are experienced at international travel to help me through the experience, hopefully preventing me from making any faux pas. 458 और  शब्द