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WATCH: Solar Eclipse 101 | National Geographic #Eclipse2017

Shalom everyone! The following is video from National Geographic called “Solar Eclipse 101,” which provides an overview of how solar eclipses occur, the types of solar eclipses, the necessary safety precautions you should take when attempt to view a solar eclipse, and how solar eclipses affect animals and plants. 71 और  शब्द


The Life and Death Power of Eclipses in the Ancient World

By Ancient-Origins

On Monday, August 21, people living in the continental United States will be able to see a total solar eclipse.

Humans have been alternatively amused, puzzled, bewildered and sometimes even terrified at the sight of this celestial phenomenon. 666 और  शब्द


My Gaze Was Ever Upward

. . . In the summer of 1903 my mother presented me with a 2½ astronomical telescope, and thenceforward my gaze was ever upward at night. 151 और  शब्द


Watch: What will we see in Saskatoon during Monday's solar eclipse?

Stan Shadick, astronomer with the University of Saskatchewan physics department, describes what we will see on Monday in Saskatoon during the much anticipated solar eclipse.

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Life Not-As-We-Know-It: Methane Biochmeistry

The recent confirmation of the existence of a molecule called Acrylonitrile (also known as Vinyl Cyanide) in the atmosphere of Titan has me thinking about the possibilities of alternative biochemistries. 1,792 और  शब्द


The White Dwarf That Survived

Keep Reading …. Originally posted on http://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-news/white-dwarf-survived-supernova/
A peculiar white dwarf could be what’s left after a failed supernova explosion.

A white dwarf siphons gas from a companion star until it triggers thermonuclear reactions that lead to a bright explosion. 832 और  शब्द