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September 28 - Ananke

Ananke is one of Jupiter’s many smaller moons.  It was discovered on September 28th 1951 by Seth Barnes Nicholson at Mount Wilson Observatory.  It takes its name from the mythological personification of “Necessity” (the word means something similar in Greek).   166 और  शब्द



The universe, it turns out, looks the same in every direction.

Of course, this isn’t true on a “small scale” — the stars, galaxies, dark matter and interstellar gas that fill the universe are strewn about and clumped together in unique ways. 149 और  शब्द


Elon Musk Reveals His Ambitious Plan To Send One Million People To Colonize Mars

Indeed, we held up quite a while, however today Elon Musk at long last ventured out in front of an audience to joyful praise at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Mexico to uncover his arrangements to colonize Mars. 315 और  शब्द