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One Lovely Blog Award

I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by the ThatMediocreGuy. Thank you so much! So, for those who don’t know the rules, here they are for you: 133 और  शब्द


What is scientific thinking

Philosophy is not what the term is used for today. In its early form it was used to describe scientific work. May it be physics, medicine, botany, astronomy or mathematics, but why are people curious? 208 और  शब्द


My telescope is a magnet

Yesterday I was making a Periscope broadcast with one of my telescopes.  Barbara and I were sitting in our driveway, she was staffing the camera as I put the telescope together and looked for sunspots. 58 और  शब्द


acute is my angle
demeaned from the upright
bereft of its zenith
an arc in declension
a star whose position
no longer requires
upraised eyes to be seen… 30 और  शब्द


Crash Course Astronomy #42 -The Big Bang, Cosmology part 1

Once upon a time the universe was no bigger than an elementary particle. And then, suddenly, it wasn’t. We call this sudden change “The Big Bang.” 75 और  शब्द


February 07 - Al Worden

Today is the 84th birthday of Alfred (Al) Worden, a member of one of humankind’s most exclusive clubs.  You can probably tell which club I’m talking about by glancing at the photograph.   356 और  शब्द


In honor of one of the bravest

A science haiku, for Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, one of only a few to walk on the moon and literally reach for the stars. #sciencehaiku… 21 और  शब्द