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Vernal Equinox Supermoon

Scientifically speaking the New Moon occurs when the Moon gets between the Earth and the Sun, blocking the light of the moon, but the one on Friday was a rare Vernal Equinox Supermoon. 186 more words



I finally figured out how to focus my Canon while it’s attached to the telescope. Aimed at the moon and using live view, I hit the magnify button, just to see what it would do. 347 more words


Astronomy: The Week Ahead - Mon 25 May to Sat 30 May

Monday May 25

The First Quarter Moon occurs at 10:20 A.M. today, and tonight you will see it along with Jupiter and Venus in the west, as the sky darkens. 380 more words

Fox Observatory - Sunrise, FL

Fox Observatory is located within Markham Park. This place is primarily known for its bike trails, target range, and campground. I’ve only been there at night to stargaze, however, so I can’t speak to the other amenities. 295 more words


I got a telescope.

I did. I got my first actual, real telescope. The excitement was indescribable. From the moment I knew I would have it. I have always had an affinity for all things cosmic. 701 more words


Astrology: The astronomy we really need...

We laugh at astrology.

We think it is “unscientific”.

We need a Shestov to remind us how wrong we are.

Because astrology is not talking about whether you will win the jackpot tommorow or whether you will be king. 146 more words


Following the Eldest Root

You are my darkness
like a mystery sent to
curb humanity’s pride.

In your heart, you are
the universe’s only
celestial rival to War.

Discovered during primal… 98 more words