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Forbidden Planets

When astronomers discovered the first exoplanet around a normal star 2 decades ago, there was joy—and bewilderment. The planet, 51 Pegasi b, was half as massive as Jupiter, but its 4-day orbit was impossibly close to the star, far smaller than the 88-day orbit of Mercury. 305 और  शब्द




What is the designation for the Andromeda Galaxy? – M31 or NGC 224

What is the type of Andromeda Galaxy? – Spiral

How far is andromeda galaxy from the Milky Way? 298 और  शब्द


Trappist sonification

In 1999, astronomers discovered a star they called, quite unimaginatively, 2MASS J23062928-0502285 (These numbers refer to the right ascension and declination of the star’s position in the sky and the “J” refers to the Julian Epoch.). 522 और  शब्द

Total eclipse on the way

On August 21 of this year, those of us in North America will get a total solar eclipse–the first in 38  years.

And it’s going right past my house! 68 और  शब्द



“Whats your favorite flower?”

The Sunflower.

My own personal sun in a world or torment and pain

Every petal a ray of life and light. 54 और  शब्द


Problems that we will have to face

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There are two problems that we as humans will have to face. 377 और  शब्द