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Filer’s Files #8 – 2017 India May Reveal ET - Feb 20, 2017

Filer’s File February 18, 2017 In special reports, this week’s files cover: Former Prime Minister, Japan and UFOs, Understanding Alien UFO Missions, Support the making of a UFO Film, India May Reveal ET, MUFON Investigated 7000 Cases in 2016, 45P Comet Passes Earth, Letter from J Murphy at beyondboundaries.org, Age of Flying Saucers, Helicopters Chasing…

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Europa Multiple-Flyby Mission

today I am going to write about proposed mission to investigate Europa.

Europa Multiple-Flyby Mission is a plan consisting of orbiter and a lander directed towards… 324 और  शब्द


What does the spike in the Schumann resonance mean?

By Dr. Joe Dispenza

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In 1952, German physicist and professor W.O. Schumann hypothesized there were measurable electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere that existed in the cavity (or space) between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere. 1,002 और  शब्द


The February 2017 annular solar eclipse

Some of you may be aware that there is an annular eclipse of the Sun on Sunday 26 February, which is why I am posting this blog a few days before it. 1,013 और  शब्द


I Made An App.

I released my first app.  Check it out.

It’s an astronomy quick reference, called  “My Messier”,  for iPhone and Apple Watch.

When Apple Watch was announced, I thought I’d write an app for it (as an excuse for getting one.)   With a new mobile device, people would want new apps for it. 554 और  शब्द


​By 2022, the newly formed Red Nova will burn bright and be easily visible.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, two giant stars were destined to meet on a collision course. 273 और  शब्द


The Glass Universe

The Glass Universe: How the Ladies of the Harvard Observatory Took the Measure of the Stars by Dava Sobel (Viking, 2016)

Acclaimed writer Dava Sobel (Longitude, Galileo’s Daughter) has written another fascinating book that brings science to life, this time with the help of historical photos and letters. 143 और  शब्द