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From phys.org: "NASA's next planet hunter will look closer to home"


July 28, 2016
Elaine Hunt

TESS will look at the nearest, brightest stars to find planetary candidates that scientists will observe for years to come. 833 और  शब्द

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From CfA: "The Aligned Spin of a Black Hole"

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

July 29, 2016
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An artist’s conception of an X-ray emitting black hole binary system. A new study has measured the spin of one notable example and confirmed, contrary to some earlier claims, that the spin is aligned with the spin of the accretion disk. 588 और  शब्द

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From U Manchester: "Astronomers Uncover Hidden Stellar Birthplace"

University of Manchester

26 July, 2016
Joe Paxton

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A team of astronomers from the University of Manchester, the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy and the University of Bonn have uncovered a hidden stellar birthplace in a nearby spiral galaxy, using a telescope in Chile. 725 और  शब्द

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Observational History

Texas A&M University took its right to wonder cosmic in 2004, becoming a founding partner in the Giant Magellan Telescope and officially launching a first-rate astronomy program that was recognized in 2015 with selection to the prestigious… 1,022 और  शब्द

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From Ethan Siegel: "What Are The Most Energetic Particles In The Universe?"

From Ethan Siegel

Jul 29, 2016

The production of a cosmic ray shower, produced by an incredibly energetic particle from far outside our Solar System. Image credit: Pierre Auger Observatory, via… 2,060 और  शब्द

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From AAS NOVA: "Observing the Sun with NuSTAR"

American Astronomical Society

29 July 2016
Susanna Kohler

A composite image of the Sun showing high-energy X-rays from NuSTAR (blue), low-energy X-rays from Japan’s Hinode spacecraft (green), and extreme ultraviolet light from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (yellow and red). 648 और  शब्द

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