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Appropriating the Weather: Part II and Part III

I have been reading Appropriating the Weather:  Vilhelm Bjerknes and The Construction of Modern Meteorology by Robert Mac Friedman.

The second part of this book was not quite as interesting, as it tracks Bjerknes life and different career options.   163 और  शब्द


Review: Among the Living (PsyCop #1) by Jordan Castillo Price

Author: Jordan Castillo Price
Publication Date: October 18, 2008
Format: E-Book
Page Length: 156 pages
My Rating: 4 / 5 stars… 471 और  शब्द

Book Review

Two Free PNR Reads

For a limited time author K.S. Haigwood has made the first two books in her PNR series FREE! Everyone who loves the paranormal, shifters, romance, and action needs to go one-click both of these books NOW! 125 और  शब्द

Book Review

Wooing Wednesday: Romantic Suspense?

*originally published on 02/11/2016

What makes a novel a romantic suspense?  Is it the balance of romance to suspense? In a way it is a balance act, though not an equal balance in my opinion. 696 और  शब्द

Book Review

The Captain's Daughter, Book Review

The Captain’s Daughter by Jennifer Delamere

About the Book: When a series of circumstances beyond her control leave Rosalyn Bernay alone and penniless in London, she chances upon a job backstage at a theater that is presenting the most popular show in London. 223 और  शब्द

Book Review.

Book review: The Iron Tactician, by Alastair Reynolds

Alastair Reynolds is a British SF author and former ESA space scientist most strongly associated with the ‘Revelation Space’ novel sequence, though he has also written many other well-regarded hard SF and space opera novels. 465 और  शब्द