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Is the aquariusuno.com blog made of fake news?

Is the aquariusuno.com blog made of fake news?

I got a number of phone calls from friends and supporters of the Aquarius Condominium. They were very upset with a paragraph in a document “A Few Points to consider before the Aquarius Elections” 505 और  शब्द

Board Of Directors

Heuristics in political voting.

Heuristics in political voting.

On the way to vote in the general election John and Sarah were discussing which candidate and political party they were going to vote for. 1,311 और  शब्द

Texas Trump loyalist (Zionist Jews), a candidate for cabinet post, to launch trade push with Israel, settlements

AUSTIN, Texas — A top Texas state official, said to be a solid candidate for agriculture secretary in the incoming Trump administration, is launching a Texas-Israel trade initiative that will seek to do business with Israeli companies and ventures, including those based in the West Bank. 1,245 और  शब्द

Donald Trump

Create Job Adverts & Descriptions That Will Attract Top Candidates

To attract the right candidate to your business can be challenging, it is probable that a candidate will look at many job adverts before hitting the “apply” button, so your advert has to be attractive to the people you want to bring into your business. 742 और  शब्द

Recruitment Agency

Democrats Hire New Executive Director

December 16, 2017  Anchorage – After a month’s long national search, the Alaska Democratic Party today announced Jay Parmley as the Party’s new Executive Director effective February 1, 2017. 273 और  शब्द


Euro may not exist in 10 years, France's Macron says

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

The euro may not exist in 10 years’ time if Paris and Berlin fail to bolster the single currency union, French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday, adding the current system benefited Germany at the expense of weaker member states. 466 और  शब्द

Money Matters

THE BLACK MAGE SERIES by Rachel E. ; Cover Reveal!!!

I am so excited to be part of the cover reveal for Rachel E. Carter’s book series, The Black Mage!

The Black Mage series has become one of my favorite of all time! 925 और  शब्द

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