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Hillary Clinton is calling for a 700% increase in solar power. Is that realistic? - Updated by Brad Plumer on July 26, 2015, 8:46 p.m. ET

In the coming months, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is planning to release a series of proposals for dealing with global warming. Her first installment is out Sunday evening, and it calls for a large increase in renewable power. 157 more words



Just a quick thought…

Please, tell me why Trump is the best candidate for the job? Tell me why he is running as a Republican, claiming to make America great. 138 more words

Interview with George Aylett (19 Year Old Parliamentary Candidate and Activist)

At just 19, George Aylett was one of the youngest Parliamentary candidates at the last general election. Since then, he has been helping Jeremy Corbyn with his leadership campaign and has over 250,000 followers on Twitter! 930 more words

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Candidate by Tracy Ewens

Candidate: A Love Story (Book Two)

by Tracy Ewens

Katherine Galloway is two years divorced and still living out of boxes. Between her brothers (cops that work with her ex) and her mother’s constant reminders that her clock is ticking, Kate is trying to hold it all together. 343 more words


If Things Don't Work Out With The GOP, Will Trump Run As A Third-Party / Independent Candidate?

According to the publication The Hill, Donald Trump said that the chances that he will launch a third-party White House run will “absolutely” increase if the Republican National Committee is “unfair” to him during the election season. 184 more words