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Sell By: 1929

Have you noticed the sell by date on one of presidential candidates isn’t 1929? It sounds similar to arguments made in 1929 when America was supposedly going to be entering an economic boom period. 219 और  शब्द

Why do people submit themselves to things they know they don’t like?

Who do people who despise, can’t stand, and wouldn’t vote a political party candidate watch video and read articles about that candidate when they know they are going to just get upset? 489 और  शब्द


President Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper, President of the United States of America. That has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? A media report chronicles the candidacy of the rocker, loved by some of us, who remember songs before millennials left their diapers. 160 और  शब्द

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Five Strong Indicators of a Brand Maker

When making hiring decisions, I do everything I can to see each candidate as the self they are — Julia is a CPA candidate with excellent presentation and communication skills, strong references from previous positions, and she’s a concert pianist. 742 और  शब्द

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Why I'm a Belconnen candidate in the ACT election

Next week marks In The Taratory’s fifth birthday.

It’s a fitting time for the blog to officially take a hiatus.

Here’s why. 999 और  शब्द

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Importance of Exit Interviews

When people leave your company the feelings about this can range from “we don’t care” to “how are we going to manage?”  ATR as an experienced recruitment agency believes that it is imperative to truly understand why any member of staff is leaving, because in fact a properly conducted Exit Interview can give you valuable information that will help you strengthen your business. 507 और  शब्द

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First Maranoa Ward candidate announces

As election day draws nearer, the first known candidate for Maranoa Ward has announced their campaign.

Charles Pruden, a Liberal Party campaigner and former Scotch College student, has announced… 39 और  शब्द

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