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Best IAS Institute in Delhi

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Delhi is a hub of Coaching Institutes; students come here from all over the country from many different states for the preparation of civil services exams. 414 और  शब्द

Best IAS Coaching Academy In Delhi

[रक्षा/विज्ञान] तिहायु’ भारतीय नौसेना में शामिल(BPSC/UPPSC/UKPSC/JPSC Series )

तिहायु’ भारतीय नौसेना में शामिल

October 20, 2016

  • क्या है?
  • यह वॉटर जेट फास्ट अटैक क्राफ्ट है।
  • निर्माण
    इसका निर्माण ‘गार्डन रीच शिपबिल्डर्स एंड इंजीनियर्स लिमिटेड’ (GRSE- Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd.) द्वारा किया गया है जो कोलकाता में स्थित है।

26 और  शब्द
Civil Services Examination

[Motivation] I used to scratch the letters 'IAS' on the desk' 

“I wanted to be a part of the nation building process and I felt I would be able to contribute positively if I became an IAS officer.” 2,323 और  शब्द

Civil Services Examination

How to Fill Correctly DAF for UPSC ( Mains ) Examination

​DAF means Detailed Applicaton Form.Every student who clears UPSC prelims will have to fill DAF two weeks after the results of Prelims.

DAF is a very crucial document and it determines everything from your career to posting.Thats why special care is needed to fill DAF. 1,294 और  शब्द

Civil Services Examination

[Notification] JAMIA HAMDARD RESIDENTIAL COACHING ACADEMY -JHRCA For Civil Services 2017 Session ( Last Chance for apply for 2017,only for SC/ST/Minority/Womens)

Friends, if you’re SC/ST/Minority/Women and looking for Affordable UPSC coaching academy for 2017 examination in Delhi then this is the one.

°°°°°° Jamia Hamdard Residential Coaching Academy ( JHRCA) °°°°°° 138 और  शब्द

Civil Services Examination

About the UPSC Civil Services Examination (IAS, IPS, etc)

Ministers and people’s representatives (MLAs and MPs) are part of that structure of the government which decides ‘What needs to be done for the welfare of the people and the nation?’. 473 और  शब्द

Civil Services (IAS, IPS, etc) as a career

Before I delve into this topic, let me tell you why I think I have the authority to write such an article. I have had this dream to join Indian Civil Services from my childhood. 638 और  शब्द