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20 Quick Points on Answer Writing for IAS Mains 2016

​You must have read a plethora of tips about how to writing answers, I thought of sharing few from our side. Here are quick 20 tips on answer writing for IAS Mains: 716 और  शब्द

Civil Services Examination

[Polity] Study Notes On Some Imp. Constitutional Amendment

​Some Important Constitutional Amendment

The Constitution (Forty-second Amendment)Act, 1976

The 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act brought a number of changes in the Constitution. The Act inter-alia gave preponderance to the Directive Principles of State Policy over the Fundamental Rights. 185 और  शब्द

Civil Services Examination

Doubt Clearing For News UPSC Birds !!! 

​This is a small note attempting to answer certain questions that arise in the minds of IAS/IPS aspirants in their starting of their preparation for the Examination. 1,797 और  शब्द

Civil Services Examination

[News] 15th August 2016 for UPSC


Assam seeks more dole for ex-militants, Centre in a fix : When militants surrender, certain incentive is offered by the state government. The Home ministry reimburses the money – called ‘Security Related Expenditure’. 207 और  शब्द

Civil Services Examination

What it means to be independent ?

​The independence that we celebrate today was won by the Indian people through a prolonged and hard struggle of epic dimensions, a larger-than-life battle in which ordinary men and women performed heroic roles. 1,651 और  शब्द

Civil Services Examination

Mains Preparation Strategy| Atul Vats Rank 60 1st attempt


When did you start preparing for Mains Examination?

It was an integrated preparation. In fact, I started with mains prep (answer writing) after revising my basics. 1,803 और  शब्द

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