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Is this the start of Gog and Magog?

As of this writing, tensions have been high between Russia, Turkey, and Turkey’s NATO allies after Turkey earlier this week shot down a Russian fighter jet near the Syrian-Turkey border. 1,025 और  शब्द

End Times

Argentina departs from the Kirchner model, but Mauricio Macri now has to govern a divided nation

By Pia Riggirozzi. Pia Riggirozzi is Associate Professor in Global Politics at the University of Southampton (@PRiggirozziAcademia.edu). You can find more posts by Pia… 26 और  शब्द

The Game of Power

Natasha was a clever kid, her wisdom exceeding her age. But today she was apprehensive.

When Vincent, her father, came down to the breakfast table, he saw Natasha in deep thought. 574 और  शब्द

Current Affairs

False Muslims | Volume I

By Evan O’Gorman

“Without freedom, a press will never be anything but bad.” – Albert Camus


“Do you want to kill me..?”

“No. It’s okay.” … 2,274 और  शब्द