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20/02/18 - Paper Review

Students across the UK are kicking up a storm over further industrial action that could lead to more cancelled lectures at some of the countries leading universities. 174 और  शब्द


Racist Hairstyles? Really?!

I read that Jesy Nelson (a singer I gather, who I have to admit I had never heard of) has been criticised for wearing her hair in dreadlocks. 161 और  शब्द

Current Affairs

Fire And Fury by Michael Wolff

I know I’m an adult now because in the last year I’ve read far more books on race, socio-economics, and politics than I ever have. I don’t read these books because they’re enjoyable – in fact, they don’t always really interest me when we get right down to it. 417 और  शब्द

The roots of vegetable politics

By Carys Brown (@HistoryCarys)

Boris Johnson’s declaration last week that Brexit ‘can be good for carrots too’ caused a mixture of despair, mild amusement, and utter confusion. 828 और  शब्द

Doing History In Public