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Trading on the moral high ground

This morning while looking through emails I spotted an article about my city forming a stronger relationship with China. On the face of it this seemed to be a good thing but the comments underneath suggested that it was not. 595 more words

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A Return to Innocence

One word that repeatedly echoes through stories of sexual abuse survivors, child trauma survivors, research that collects these stories, or journalists who dig into these stories is “ 1,209 more words

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There Is No Mandate

In the months ahead, it’s worth keeping the following in mind:

The Conservatives got about 37% of the vote, which is just over 11 million people. 423 more words

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‘Overnight Vigil’ May 30 Leading Nowhere

As published in Asian Tribune, May 30, 2015
By Janaka Perera

From the end of April through this month the world including Sri Lanka observed anniversaries marking the end of several armed conflicts – Vietnam War (April 30), fighting in the European Theatre of World War II (May 8) and the LTTE’s separatist insurgency (May 19). 906 more words

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Smashing the Body Shape Consensus of 21st Century Fashion

I cannot begin to explain the frustration of not being able to find clothes that fit you. As a girl who is only an inch away from being classified as a medical midget, dresses that look like sacks, jeans that trail along the floor and dangerously low cut necklines seem to be a given whenever I go shopping. 417 more words


The Conflicting Views on Reconciliation

While the Chief Minister for the North Province, Sri Lanka Wigneswaran, who hails Prabhakaran as his hero accuses the Sirisena Government of lacking the will to reconcile with Tamils, Anandasangaree, leader of TULF hails president Sirisena for the sympathy he shows to the Tamils. 1,351 more words

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Fraudulent FIFA 

It isn’t surprising that the World Cup in Qatar has turned out the be a scandal, what is surprising is that the real corruption has been exposed to the world so soon. 585 more words