[20160204] Its a double celebration for GFRIEND

Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Wow! It happened again! Congratulations GFRIEND! I can say it all over and over again, I’m proud of you girls. Us, Buddies, we’ll always be here cheering and supporting you! 118 और  शब्द


CSC Presentations at the DIA RSIDM Conference Feb 8-10

The  DIA Regulatory Submissions, Information and Document Management Forum is in Bethesda, MD this year. I have been invited to speak – twice – about my favorite electronic submissions standards: IDMP (Identification of Medicinal Products) and eCTD 4 (Electronic Common Technical Document). 279 और  शब्द

Life Sciences


  When you you look at the sea of red illustrated points and prices served up to us daily by Mr. and Ms. Fickle Markets, the… 879 और  शब्द

US Stock Market

Flight Operations Return To Normal At DIA After 11.3 Inches Of Snow

DENVER (CBS4)– Flight operations returned to normal at Denver International Airport on Tuesday afternoon after 11.3 inches of snow fell since Monday. The airlines reported 136 flight cancellations on Tuesday. 461 और  शब्द


Index Support and Resistance for Tuesday, 2/2/2016

   Below you will find the Index Support and Resistance for Tuesday, 2/2/2016 as calculated from the changes in Index points through Monday, 2/1/2016’s close.  This February has 29 days.   808 और  शब्द

US Stock Market


Man of young on horse of old

Flashing blade, vines of gold

Man and horse made of smoke

Wearing darkness like a cloak

Screamed a challenge at the blood-red sky… 27 और  शब्द


1 Hour Delays At DIA, 125+ Flights Canceled

DENVER (CBS4) – The snow continued to fall across Colorado on Tuesday morning and caused one hour delays at Denver International Airport. The airlines have reported 126 flight cancellations for Tuesday. 469 और  शब्द