Incident between flight crew, passenger cause Germany-bound plane to divert to DIA

DENVER — The FBI investigated a disturbance on a flight to Germany, that forced a pilot to make an emergency landing at Denver International Airport on Friday night. 87 more words


F-16s Launched For Airline Diverted To DIA In Passenger Disturbance

DENVER (CBS4)– Two F-16s out of Buckley Air Force Base were scrambled to shadow an airliner to Denver International Airport on Friday night in response to a passenger disturbance that caused the flight to be diverted to Denver. 249 more words


On Crete

Walk down the rocky hill to the beach,
to the sea and fishing boats.
Across the way sprawls Dia, a sparse island.
Beyond, the sea and sky are one… 174 more words


Dia pop by

Dia just pop by to say hello, and tell us all she is doing great! Shes having fun, walking without leash all the time, shes listening to her new keepers, being friendly with everybody she sees, and growing a lot! 26 more words