Frontier Pilots Ask For Federal Mediator In Contract Talks

DENVER (CBS4)– Pilots with Frontier Airlines have requested a federal mediator to assist in contract talks between the pilots and the airline.

The two sides have been in negotiations since March. 52 और  शब्द


Tentang Dia I

Halo.. Hai.. Hai.. Hallo.. Apa kabar? Kedengarannya makin baik ya? Tiba-tiba gue tertarik banget buat bahas “tentang dia” di blog gue kali ini. Jadi, dia itu seorang temen, temen baik gue, temen deket gue, pacar gue, mantan pacar gue, dan sekarang jadi seperti orang asing. 491 और  शब्द


[Review] Mr. Potter - DIA

DIA has made an unexpected comeback with a Harry Potter themed comeback. Where my two favourites in life merge together and become one. How do you think this turned out? 451 और  शब्द


NCT (OT17) - Ms. Potter (CC Game)

Taeil | Hansol | Johnny | Taeyong | Yuta | Kun | Doyoung | Ten | Jaehyun | Winwin | Mark | Renjun | Jeno | Haechan | Jaemin | Chenle | Jisung… 372 और  शब्द

Cc Game

Frontier still facing difficulty despite completed system upgrade

DENVER — Friday morning, a system upgrade that stranded passengers for hours at Denver International Airport, is complete. The airline is still facing some complications and it’s discouraged that passengers use the mobile app this morning. 446 और  शब्द

Problem Solvers

SHINee Onew dan DIA Jung Chaeyeon Mkin Dekat Lewat Acara "Go Go Mr. Paik" SHINee Onew dan DIA Jung Chaeyeon baru-baru ini mengadakan konferensi pers untuk program variety tvN berikutnya “Go Go Mr. Paik,” di mana mereka berbagi berbagai cerita. 109 और  शब्द

Program TV-Radio

The US Road Map to Balkanize Syria

Forget about those endless meetings between Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry; forget about Russia’s drive to prevent chaos from reigning in Syria; forget about the possibility of a real ceasefire being implemented and respected by US jihad proxies. 702 और  शब्द