DreamCatcher, DIA, LABOUM continue comebacks for April

It’s Comeback Season in Kpop with tons of new music heading your way in April.

DreamCatcher return from Wonderland on April 5 with their pretty vintage ghost/witch concept and new track entitled  78 और  शब्द


Cyber-Berkut Joining The Manafort Fray

Cyber-Berkut, a Russian leaning alleged hacker collective in Ukraine decided to weigh in on the whole Manafort debacle with a data dump. The dump unsurprisingly is pro Russian and attempts to paint the US as trying to manipulate things and make it look like Manafort is guilty. 845 और  शब्द


Cybercrime in West Africa: Poised for an Underground Market

Two major types of cybercriminals reign in West Africa—so-called “Yahoo boys”2 and “next- level cybercriminals.” Yahoo boys excel in committing simple types of fraud (advance- fee, stranded-traveler and romance scams/fraud) under the supervision of ringleaders or masterminds. 1,305 और  शब्द

Colorado Schools Close, Flights Canceled In Snowstorm

DENVER (CBS4) – Several major Colorado school districts have closed on Friday and some flights at DIA are canceled as a winter storm is bringing blizzard conditions to parts of the Front Range. 132 और  शब्द


Denver Sets Record High Ahead Of Potent Spring Storm

By Chris Spears

DENVER (CBS4)– The high temperature at Denver International Airport hit 77 degrees at 1:37 p.m. Thursday, which broke the record for this date last set in 2012. 76 और  शब्द


La mejor tarotista por telefono día y noche on Vimeo

La mejor tarotista por telefono día y noche https://mejorvidenteportelefono.blogspot.com.es/ La mejor tarotista por telefono In a world that is modern…

Assim vão os dias!

Surpreendida pela descida da temperatura (nada que o meu telemóvel não me tivesse avisado que ia acontecer, mas eu às vezes não lhe dou ouvidos!), 262 और  शब्द