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A Little Teaser

Here’s a little taste of the story I’m currently working on. Enjoy…

Why don’t you take your clothes off, Handsome? Penelope needs to see your body while you….



Me and my toys

There have been times in my life when I didn’t get as much D as I wanted (like right now lolol). So that means I gotta take care of myself. 322 और  शब्द


100% horny rn

I’m horny. Like redonkulously horny. Hornier than usual. That’s ‘cuz of a series of events that have happened over the past few days, and it all ended with me sitting here, all naked, watching gifs, touching, and telling you guys about it. 463 और  शब्द


Release date - tomorrow!

    The time has finally come for my latest book to be released – whoopee!!

    Secrets of the East Wing is my third book – and naughtiest to date!  246 और  शब्द


    The Teacher

    I was in my late 20’s at the time, and even if I say so myself the opposite sex always found me attractive and I never had trouble getting boyfriends or getting laid whenever I felt horny. 1,932 और  शब्द


    Weirdest orgasm ever

    Guys, I’ve had the craziest of orgasms. Not because it was so good or super intense, just because of the circumstances. It was partially intentional, partially… 1,298 और  शब्द


    Naughty Thoughts ...

    I’ve been craving boobs a lot lately! A big, juicy pair to squeeze, suck and nibble on. This craving is intense! Wonder if I can find a pair?