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Come in weary traveler, grab a stool and gather around the fire, they are erotic stories to be told and you are around friends. 

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Free Story: Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders is a story of a woman longing to break all of her own rules, and the man who helps her cross all of those pesky boundaries.  44 और  शब्द


Internet Installation

Its super early and my phone just rang with my technician coming to install my internet. He let me know that he will be at my house in twenty minutes. 1,427 और  शब्द


Sooooooo… I’ve been chatting with both of them for about two months now via text only. I met them both on a dating app and both professed in their profiles that they were looking for a relationship but either one has yet to ask me out, or ask me anything not having to do with sex. 1,930 और  शब्द

Spread Eagle

He wanted me to give him a blow job while he was driving on the way home and I refused. I wanted to tease him when he couldn’t do anything about it! 593 और  शब्द

What's for Dinner?

He roughly threw me back onto the bed, pushed and held my hands over my head, my thighs spreading to welcome his body between them. Holding my hands down tightly, he forcibly pushed his rock hard cock into me. 1,774 और  शब्द

What the Boss Wants, the Boss Gets

I’m wearing sky high red high heels and a little black dress that’s slightly see through in the office today. It’s everyone’s favorite but my boss especially loves this dress. 495 और  शब्द