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" The Power Give-Away "

Have you ever wondered why criticism hurts so much more when it comes from somebody you are close. If a stranger were to comment on your “flaws”, you might laugh it off, or flip them off depending on your personality; but when it comes from somebody you have a connect to, this small statement could make or break you. 1,829 और  शब्द

Week 25 Day 4

I have been working out daily but have not found time to log my day until now!!

Workout done


They're all important

This word: Paper has really got me thinking. The longer I think about it, the more types of paper I can think of. There are so many pieces of paper that are important in my life. 158 और  शब्द


Ode to Dada

To my husband,

Happy first Father’s Day, my love. Fatherhood looks good on you and you are loved.

A tiny body with blue eyes,
A love that made a grown man cry. 63 और  शब्द


Pancho's: Dinner with the Grandparents

It was raining tonight, which meant it was the perfect time to sit in a dimly lit restaurant and eat Mexican food, but if I’m being completely honest, any night is a good night to do that. 491 और  शब्द


Finding the middle ground

My wife and I have much in common.

We like to take long road trips. We like similar music. We both like a range of singers and groups from U2 to Tim McGraw, Classical to Broadway, harder edged alternative to even metal.  315 और  शब्द



One of Mother’s international sojurns found her loaded down with spoils from her travel abroad in order to spoil her family as she is known to do. 266 और  शब्द