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Nvidia’s new graphics card is $3,000, painted gold, and not meant for graphics

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Although Nvidia launched its 21 billion transistor Volta GPU architecture back in May, until now the chip has been used exclusively in compute cards—specifically, the Tesla V100 cards, which cost about $10,000 for the PCIe version. 401 और  शब्द


Plumbing fixtures...bo-ring

Does this picture excite you? Yeah, me neither. This is what the builder buys in bulk and passes off to us as the only available option. 540 और  शब्द

Purple and gold dress, part 2

This blog is about creating the gold belt and appliquées that spice up the purple velvet dress I made in the previous costuming post.  If you want to know more about the techniques that I used, check out… 1,467 और  शब्द

Gold (Dec 12)

Gold at 50% Fibonacci support

source: INVESTING.com

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Adventskalender - Day 12

Tuesday the 12th of December

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