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Gold (May 23)

Bullish and bearish targets for Gold

source: INVESTING.com

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When you're not quite sure what you've just seen...but it left you with that something huge is about to happen feeling!

Andrew Maguire – precious metals legend – & Tom Coughlin, CEO of ABX gave the audience a Golden performance

They gave us their shared global vision…a financial world that is transparent. 168 और  शब्द

NWW: Episode 37: Joe Messina


Joe Messina is a stand up comic, who has a podcast called “Breaking up with Joe”. He also hosts showsat Helium comedy club and has a comedy show called “Party Lines” at the Good Good comedy theater in Philly. 8 और  शब्द


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TTE: Episode 15: Live in White Trashylvania


Recorded in front of a live studio audience, Brad & Jay play podcast roulette with several guests at a small house party. During the episode Brad gets progressively more trashed and eventually quits podcasting to be an obnoxious “applause” sign holder.   57 और  शब्द