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G-Line Holidays

More and more businesses are backing St Anne’s in Bloom and G-Line holidays  are the latest company to get involved.

Look out for the planters that they are Sponsoring, the signs will be going up shortly. 49 और  शब्द

St Anne's In Bloom

Japanese circles and diamonds collage

Work in progress. Playing with Japanese papers a collage of circles and diamonds. going to keep working on this – tidy up and add more layers to the paints – curious about the script though…


Inspiring Message to Love

“I carry your heart in my heart.” (because you are like gold, you are golden and all that is gold glitters like the sun.)  Inspiring message to love.   15 और  शब्द

Bride Of Christ

Yellow metal shines on weakness in greenback

07/12/2016 14:03

Gold futures rose during afternoon trade in the domestic market on Wednesday as investors and speculators extended their positions in the precious metal on weakness in the greenback and caution ahead of RBI policy meet scheduled later in the day. 64 और  शब्द