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No "Go Fund Me" for Drug Cartel Debts

I called my guy and he said a lot very fast and I didn’t understand all of it but when he arrived a half hour later he demanded the money. 595 और  शब्द

GOLD RIVER - A Tale of Treasure: Day 3.4

Ecuador – Amazon Rainforest/Andes Mountains

Day 3.4

Even though the rope curled through the water like a lasso, I never lost my grip. I braced myself as Kate plowed into me. 363 और  शब्द

This So Rarely Happens

What? What so rarely happens? That we get our way with the market… The Thursday bounce, and the Friday morning lift… it was all for naught! 236 और  शब्द

Penny Oleksiak is a Star

With the Olympics over, I felt it was a good time to analyze some of the star performers at the Games. Perhaps one of the most unheralded stars was Penny Oleksiak. 195 और  शब्द


Bling Bling 2

I did decide, after all, to do a little tweak to yesterday’s illustration for this evening’s #colour_collective colour Warm Gray V.

It was not a big change, but I felt that the perspective was not satisfying as the characters were too distant and kind of got lost in the masses of grey. 127 और  शब्द


Styling your kitchen

The kitchen in most homes is the heart, where you spend time with the family and entertain guests. The most sacred room full of food, laughter and many a social gathering. 174 और  शब्द