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when in doubt...

paint it gold!!!

As a card carrying tree hugger member the thought of cutting down a tree even if deemed “necessary” hurts my heart. So when one of our backyard beauties needed to come down I took matters into my own hands to celebrate this woodland wonder. 87 और  शब्द


The Mekong River

I rested an empty bowl in my lap

As I sat in a boat along the floating market of Phung Hiep

The farmers looked upon me in pity… 142 और  शब्द



Please take away from this night,

Because I need to feel sunlight.

Upon this skin, make me whole again.

Because without you,

I’m only a shell of what could I could have been. 134 और  शब्द


Strawberryelmo Sunday

Wieder ein Sonntag, 1. Advent und keine Weihnachts- sondern Lernstimmung. Es wird viel zu früh dunkel, aber hey, ich muss so viel für die Uni tun, dass ich es gar nicht bemerke – the perks of being a med student. 345 और  शब्द

Doomsayers and Gold

I just don’t know about Word Press.
According to the ex-spurts TEOTWAWKI in the form of financial collapse will happen within the next few days. 503 और  शब्द


Tabitha 8x6mm & Christie Band 14kt Rose Gold Pear Morganite and Diamonds Halo…

Gemstone Rings
Pink Gold Oval Rose Quartz Ring, $75 | 28 Pieces Of Jewelry That Look More Expensive Than They Are
What do you think of the colour? 37 और  शब्द