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Dumpling with Zucchini and Reddish leaves

Hello Friends,

This is very healthy and nutritious gluten free dish comes from state of Gujarat. Usually, we use wheat flour but I have replaced wheat flour with other flours to make it gluten free. 277 more words


Driver and Me?

There is a lot going on inside that mind on days when I don’t have to drive to work. I look outside the window and wonder how different lives of some people would be. 291 more words


55 years of Young

iso 400, 18mm, f/18, 1/800

Happy Birth Day Gujarat!!!


Cityread 2015 - final events

As Cityread 2015 comes to an end – what a busy month it has been! We would like to share pictures and reports from the final two events that ALAG has been involved with. 542 more words


Happy Birthday GUJARAT!!!!

So, here it the thing..

A 54th Birthday of my state, GUJARAT!!!!

A place which I feel the safest place for me.

A place which gives me the strength to explore myself. 255 more words

Randomize Feel..Through Post!

Cabbage Muthia..A healthy, Gujarati snack.

I really enjoy eating Gujarati cuisine. It is so different from our usual Punjabi food, simple, sweet, flavorful and so delicious. Most of their dishes are steamed vegetables or flour that are then tempered to enhance taste. 684 more words


કેટલીક યાદો ....

આગ ની લપેટ માંથી નીકળતા ધુવાળા ની જાપટ પણ તારા દીધેલા દર્દ નો અહેસાસ કરાવી જાય છે…
નીકળતા ધુવાળા ની લપેટ માં પણ દેખાય છે તારી સાથે વિતાવેલા સમય ની પળો !!

એક એક લપેટ માં આપણી યાદો ને સળગતી જોવ છું…
અને એમાં જ આપણાં સંબંધ ને પણ બળી ને રાખ થતો જોવ છું !!

કદાચ આ જ પરિણામ લખ્યું હશે આપણાં સંબંધ નું…
એટલે જ એક સમય ની લીલીછમ યાદો ને આજે રાખ થઇ હવા માં ઉડતી જોવ છું !!

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