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Gujarati shayari

​શબ્દો અને ભાવ નો તાલમેલ,

ક્યાં મારા જેવાને સમજાય છે,
બસ હૈયું બોલે અને કલમ લખતી જાય છે,
શેર-ઓ-શાયરી લાગતી,
આ લીટીઓમાં,
અનાયસે મારું જીવન,
પોરવાઈ જાય છે.
©Devika parekh

Suran / Yam Curry & Rajgira Paratha

So I decided to make something healthy today for Janmasti fast. My mom has given me home grinded Rajgira flour for fasting days so I made parathas out of it and Yam curry to have along. 123 और  शब्द

Shreekhand (Elaichi Flavored)

Shreekhand is a healthy Indian sweet made from strained yogurt. Low fat, rich and creamy strained yogurt is generally flavored with cardamom and diced dry fruits and served with masala puri or as a standalone dessert. 130 और  शब्द


Arijit Singh first Gujarati Song

With many hit songs in Bollywood, this guy is even rocking in other languages Cinemas with his Adorable voice

Listen the all time favorite Arijit Singh singing his first gujarati song… 23 और  शब्द