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From Kamathipura, with love

I recently happened to meet Robin Chaurasiya, a young bubbly girl who had played a big role in molding the lives of many. Little did I know that my conversation with her over a cup of tea would change the way I think, believe and feel. 1,766 और  शब्द



No matter where you are from, how underdeveloped or terrible the circumstances, don’t ever let society tell you “You can’t do anything great in your life.” We are all capable of creating futures for ourselves, even if it means overriding our ego to ask for help. 63 और  शब्द


Mumbai teacher shortlisted for $1 million prize for teaching daughters of sex workers

The founder of a non-profit organisation in Mumbai that educates sex workers’ daughters has been shortlisted for a $1 million global award for teaching that she hopes will help change attitudes toward these marginalised people. 227 और  शब्द


Jahan kahaniya sadkon mein hasti, khilkhilati bhgati nazar aati hain,
Jahan bhool – bhuliya mein khoyi hui yaadein mil jaati hain,
Jahan nawabo ki begume, kranti ki aag lagati hain, 66 और  शब्द


Week 32 (August 3 - August 9)

This week, we had our second Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM). Things got out of hand a bit when the parents saw that their kids had scored low marks in the  Beginning of Year (BOY) papers. 196 और  शब्द

Weekly Reports

Lost & Found

It struck me suddenly, out of nowhere.

I was sitting in a guest lecture, half-listening to the speaker, a celebrated lawyer, while my mind wandered about in idyllic loops of thoughts in a manner that is characteristic of a final year been-there done-that student. 1,604 और  शब्द


Sandhya is 18 and she was born and raised in Mumbai’s red light area, Kamathipura.

Kamathipura, India is Asia’s biggest red light district. Since the 19th century, the area has been used as the home for trafficked and exploited women, and over the past years, the population of sex workers has grown immensely. 809 और  शब्द

Sexual Abuse