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Watching paint dry. A phrase invented to describe the most boring activities known to mankind. Thus am I being painfully reminded of the reasons I never do my nails. 31 और  शब्द


1334 Grainger Ave, Knoxville, TN 37917 | Zillow

Anyone looking for a cool place in a cool neighborhood with a bona fide nice neighbor?
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April Vlogs


So apparently my summer plans switched from traveling to doing nothing since I have cancelled my flights to cebu and davao. I don’t know, although I still remember the excitement I felt when I booked the flights but somehow I’m just not feeling it anymore. 145 और  शब्द



She wanted to purify herself

From the wrongdoings of others

Trying to lessen the load of humanity piled on her at birth.
Being born in a strange hallow… 52 और  शब्द


The Distance

Distance between the eyes do not matter

They focus with childlike wonder as beauty unfolds

Lively vision reflects the ecstasy of nature 

Crystal clear dreams dance around with passion… 47 और  शब्द


Lying to myself 

I keep telling myself maybe he will talk to me.

I keep checking my phone.

I keep waiting to see his name appearing on my phone screen. 51 और  शब्द