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Top 5 Lifehacks To Managing Money And Owning Life

It’s been a week since I officially finished my first year at uni and what a whirl this year has been! I honestly still feel like a fresher! 742 और  शब्द

The University Of Manchester

Aftermath of the Easter Holidays

Hello, it’s been a while! I am writing this post while mourning the lovely weather we’ve had the past two weeks. Should have known that this is Manchester and our amazing luck could only last for so long until the rain and grey skies returned to mock us. 741 और  शब्द


Post-results relief and the downside of having a social life

First of all, my results came in last week aaannnddd…I GOT A FIRST IN ALL OF MY SUBJECTS!

*cue happy dancing*

I was so stressed out in the days coming up to it because I hadn’t managed to get any revision done over the vacation and spending every day in classes with some legit geniuses doesn’t do great things for your self-esteem, but apparently I did better than I thought I had so yay! 644 और  शब्द


Ain’t no rest for a CS student

First of all, I SURVIVED EXAMS WEEK! Oh yes, I did. And I think I did pretty well except for one course-unit in which I will be happy if I pass considering how awful my paper was. 756 और  शब्द


Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015 everyone!

I just flew back to Manchester last night after a lovely Christmas break spent back home in Mumbai. Time flew by so quickly what with meeting all my friends and being bombarded by my mum with food every hour that I’m still very much in the holiday phase and refuse to acknowledge that exams are just around the corner. 787 और  शब्द


‘Tis the season for work, work and more work

Hello again! Judging by the hailstorm that happened last week I think we can now say that winter has officially arrived (cue awkward Game of Thrones reference). 626 और  शब्द


Hello there!

Hello everyone! I’m Mitali, the new UG blogger for the year. Since this is my first post, I’ll introduce myself a bit.

I’m originally from India but luckily I’ve lived and travelled to loads of other places which made moving halfway across the world for uni… 809 और  शब्द