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Visit To Nomadic Tribes at Diyodar with VSSM

Dear All, past week i had got a change to explore my self with the wounder full activity of VSSM. A NGO working for… 244 more words

Dhirendra Patel

Case Solution for The IOI Group: Creating a Malaysian Palm Oil Multinational

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      The IOI Group: Creating a Malaysian Palm Oil Multinational

Authors :           Marleen Dieleman, Megha Mittal… 331 more words


19th Century Math Tactic Gets a Makeover—and Yields Answers Up to 200 Times Faster

Simulation data showing significantly faster reduction in solution error for the new Scheduled Relaxation Jacobi (SRJ) method as compared to the classical Jacobi and Gauss-Seidel iterative methods.The equation that is being solved here is the two-dimensional Laplace equation on a 128×128 grid. 937 more words


My big fat Indian Wedding..Karathee hoom!

I love you too! Ap mujhe achChe lagathe hai. Ap mujhe pasandh hai. Ap mujhe behadh pasandh hai. You better know these Indian sentences when you meet your Indian prince charming, that is about to prepare a massive wedding reception for you! 77 more words