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Manish Mittal

Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk: Today’s business role models are those who have created technology products that define and shape the behavior of millions – the iPhone, Facebook, Tesla, PayPal. 28 और  शब्द


Ilva, Mittal rassicura: "Sfida a lungo termine". Landini: "Cdp entri nella società come garanzia"

La società conferma il suo impegno. L’ex leader della Fiom invoca il sostegno pubblico dopo gli esuberi annunciato dal nuovo proprietario del sito siderurgico….

Le Barzellette Piu Belle

Radhika Mittal

(Source: thehomegirlnetwork.com)

What’s better than a millenial with goals? One who works for a larger goal. Here’s talking to Radhika Mittal of Super School India and learning a thing or two about how one person’s dream can help realise many dreams in the process.  1,146 और  शब्द

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