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Black Holes and Neutron Stars - The Stupefying Death of Stars

The death of a star gives birth to two possibilities, none of which are less fascinating than the other. If the star is relatively small, a… 789 और  शब्द

An In-Depth X-ray Picture of X-Ray Binary Systems in Andromeda

Andromeda (Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/GSFC)

While everyone else was making popcorn garlands and giving sentimental presents and eating marshmallow candies shaped like Santa, astronomers were busy too…busy scanning the Andromeda galaxy with a super powerful x-ray telescope array in space! 258 और  शब्द

We are Stardust . . . The Life-Cycle of a Star

Like all things in nature, stars have a life-cycle. They emerge from deep within a nebula, a cloud of dust and gases formed from the remnants of long-dead stars and planets. 888 और  शब्द


You Are The Stardust. Literally.

After somewhat a long break, Universe Diaries are back! The inspiration was, of course, the birth of Jesus and the stars guiding the Three Wise Men. 1,981 और  शब्द


Oh! Why am I falling?

A young man, sitting idly in the laps of his garden and an apple strikes his head. The story sounds familiar, right? It indeed is and the young man I speak of is none other than the great Isaac Newton. 3,085 और  शब्द


Mini review: “Neutron Star” by Larry Niven

I’m not a big reader of science fiction (the last books were the excellent Ender’s Game and Hugh Howey’s Wool) but I have been thinking of reading Larry Niven’s Ringworld for a while.   325 और  शब्द


From AAS NOVA: "What Do You Get When Two Neutron Stars Merge?"

Amercan Astronomical Society

28 October 2015
Susanna Kohler

Illustration of a binary neutron star system in the process of merging. The remnant formed by this merger could be either a neutron star or a black hole, determining whether it launches a gamma-ray burst. 481 और  शब्द

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