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The Heart of the Crab

This Hubble image peers deep into the core of the Crab Nebula, revealing its beating heart. At its center are the remnants of a supernova which sends out clock-like pulses of radiation and waves of charged particles.  54 और  शब्द


Beating heart of the Crab Nebula

Alan Duffy, Swinburne University of Technology

In 1054 a new star appeared in the night sky and was noted by Chinese astronomers before fading away again after several years. 397 और  शब्द


Hubble image of the Pulsar in the Crab Nebula

Peering deep into the core of the Crab Nebula, this close-up image reveals the beating heart of one of the most historic and intensively studied remnants of a supernova, an exploding star. 312 और  शब्द


An Amazing, but Terrifying Look at Magnetars

This week, astronomers announced the discovery of a magnetar surrounded by a wind nebula. The source is labelled as Swift J1834.9-0846 after its discovery by NASA’s Swift Telescope in 2011. 989 और  शब्द


Droplet Mass

Droplet Mass

I stumble.
As I reach toward
A neutron star drop,
My wrist snaps.

All the fluid in my body
Gathers at the edge… 38 और  शब्द