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Chandrasekhar and Eddington

Around 1020 BC, a shepherd boy named David took on the mighty Goliath and felled him with just a pebble and a sling on a battlefield in ancient Palestine. 908 और  शब्द


432 Strongest Consistent X-Ray Source

Next to the Sun, the strongest consistent x-ray source (and also the first extrasolar x-ray source discovered) is Scorpius X-1 which lies 9,000 light-years away in the direction of the constellation Scorpius. 152 और  शब्द


The devastating impact of X-ray bursts

When plasma falls onto a neutron star it undergoes thermo-nuclear reactions that can cause an extremely energetic explosion called an X-ray burst. Such explosions are extremely common: tens of thousands of X-ray bursts have been recorded to date with different X-ray detectors and on some neutron stars the explosions repeat every few hours. 352 और  शब्द

Neutron Star

Neutron-star merger yields new puzzle for Astrophysicists

by Sidhi.S.L.Nair(2016-2019)


*Afterglow from cosmic smash-up continues to brighten, confounding expectations*

January 18, 2018 McGill University 624 और  शब्द

Pulsar Navigation comes of age

It has long been thought that spacecraft could calculate their position by triangulating on pulsars, in a similar fashion to the way Earth-bound GPS systems reference a number of GPS satellites in orbit. 200 और  शब्द

Fringe Science

Zooming in on an intriguing neutron star

Neutron stars and black holes are the collapsed remnants of once massive stars that ended their life in a supernova explosion. A defining property of neutron stars and black holes is that their mass is compressed into a very small volume and therefore these stellar corpses are also referred to as… 822 और  शब्द

Neutron Star

Neutron star density

Imagine something having the mass of our sun, multiplied by about 1.5, and only 20 miles in diameter. That is a Neutron star. Something so incredibly dense that a teaspoon size sample of it could weigh 100 million tons; Mount Everest sitting on a teaspoon. 305 और  शब्द