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Neutron star density

Imagine something having the mass of our sun, multiplied by about 1.5, and only 20 miles in diameter. That is a Neutron star. Something so incredibly dense that a teaspoon size sample of it could weigh 100 million tons; Mount Everest sitting on a teaspoon. 305 और  शब्द


Cosmic Surprises Keep Blowing Our Minds

Cosmic Surprises Keep Blowing Our Minds[1]

Some areas of science advance in increments. We see slow evolutionary improvements in aeronautical engineering and medical discoveries. But astronomy is different. 788 और  शब्द

Albert Einstein

472 Pulsar PSR J1748-2446 Fastest Spinner

Pulsars are fast spinning neutron stars that are very dense (compared to the size of our Sun, they have much more mass) and you can imagine them as a lighthouse. 37 और  शब्द


Prof Brian Cox & Robin Ince live in Auckland

Last night I went to Prof Brian Cox’s lecture at the Aotea centre. I had some predictions about what he would include in the talk; light speed as a universal constant, ‘red shift’ and the expanding universe, the moons in our solar system with water that could potentially hold life, and the new LIGO discovery that I wrote about in my last post – very exciting! 244 और  शब्द


Heavy Metals in the Cosmos

The recent discovery of gravitational waves from the neutron star merger designated GW170817 is said to prove that heavy metals like gold are produced in this extreme environment and… 857 और  शब्द


Spotlight: LIGO and Gravitational Waves

So, ATLAS turned 25 on the 1st October (many happy returns), and on the 3rd, 3 key physicists pioneering the LIGO experiment were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics 2017! 1,960 और  शब्द

Gravitational Waves