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Fireworks boom around the Bay of Naples

It was cold and seconds off midnight.  A sub-zero wind fleeced coats, squeezed eyeballs and jumped camera shots into shaky blurs.  Plenty of reason to go indoors but none of us did. 493 और  शब्द


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A look back (first published on 6 January 2015)

Harvest Time - Are You Reaping What You Sowed?

This week we experienced the autumnal equinox and fall has begun. This is the harvest season. In Canada, where I live, we give thanks for our bounty on Oct. 712 और  शब्द


The Next Chapter

A couple of months ago I was offered a fantastic opportunity. Now I am about to embark on a new journey away from my home, family and friends, not knowing what to expect but ready to embrace the future which is about to unfold before me. 15 और  शब्द

Nitzaveem - Standing

This week’s Torah Reading is called Nitzaveem. It alludes to the concept of standing before the Al-mighty on our New Year, Rosh Hashona.

In the Torah portion we read that our obligations to the Al-mighty are within our ability to do. 171 और  शब्द

Secrets From Mt. Sinai

Seasons Change

This week I welcomed fall with open arms! After an adventurous, active, and somewhat rejuvenating summer, the end of one calendar season and beginning of the next seemed to bring with it much chaos and shifting in all areas of my life. 203 और  शब्द

Crazy Sexy Wellness

Let your dream to be a mermaid come true!

Christmas is coming! I know, you are starting to think of what to give as a present to your friends and loved ones.

There are two things I consider when buying: uniqueness and functionality. 208 और  शब्द

My Recommendation

31122013 New Year's Eve in Penang

Please, why do I do this to myself every time? Taking a super early flight out, which also means that I have to wake up even earlier just to head out to the airport. 734 और  शब्द