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The Ang Moh's Guide to Lunar New Year

Working in a company that has a rather high number of foreigners (ang mohs, mainly) – I’ve come to realise that as international Singapore is; we have plenty of stuff that just isn’t known by everyone internationally. 795 और  शब्द

Talking to Myself

2015 was not the year I met your father, oh….and I have no kids….so I am basically talking to myself. But I do have a dog….. 679 और  शब्द


Resistance is futile

Festive goodies is one of the most important thing, to celebrate the festive season. It signifies an Auspicious meaning behind every Chinese New Year goodies. 99 और  शब्द


The Unwritten and Untold

On a trip to America in 2012, the one story I seem to tell people the most is a small episode at a sandwich shop I visited in Chicago. 746 और  शब्द

Weekend Cooking: Happy Lunar New Year!

What do you immediately think of when I say Lunar New Year?
Dragon dances? Lion dances? Firecrackers? Red packets?
Lots of loud colourful festivities to chase away the bad luck and welcome in the new year. 837 और  शब्द


Self Reinventing

This year like any other year of my adult life I decided to reinvent myself, then it took a turn. I realized all this time I was finding and comparing myself  to other people, they became my motivation while I’m growing up, “They” means the girl I see on TV straight hair bob cut, the girls in school with color blocking satchel bags and more. 151 और  शब्द

Architect In Distress

New China IQ series - China: For Foreigners - 老外中国系列 & Traditional Chinese Medical Science- 中医

As China IQ expands its content, I try my best to focus on providing knowledge for those planning to live in China.  This means information on useful cellphone applications, dealing with frustrating situations… 349 और  शब्द