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1138 years of Vintuna

Celebrating New Year with the same determination, new inspiration and and a soul of happiness.

A prosperous life is what we wish for but along the way we forget the things that matters the most such as ourself and our loved ones. 181 और  शब्द


A different new year

When should a new year start? It’s just a conventional date. But all of us have our own delightful customs built around that date. The Bohras of India have a wonderful way of celebrating the last evening of the year; it’s called the “birthday of the plate”. 154 और  शब्द


New Year Resolution

Be Buy Presents

Wrap Gifts someone in a hug

Be See the Lights

Give Sweets Love

Send Gifts Peace

Donate Shop for food

Be Keep Hope


A New Year's Day Wedding and a Conversation with Tim Keller

It’s been a year since I started sharing my dreams on my blog. Almost to the day! So much has happened and it literally feels as though I’ve been on a roller coaster since moving back from Guam. 776 और  शब्द


Happy Diwali 2017

Let’s light the spirit of
join hands to bring the best in each one of us!

Wish you and your family Happy Diwali and prosperous New Year :)


Diwali - Festival of Lights

Diwali is a celebration observed by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains and means “series of lights”.

It’s a beautiful representation of light over darkness, and how Hindu faith believes that good will always triumph over evil. 245 और  शब्द


Planner Hunting

It’s October and October is always marked as the time for me to start planner-hunting! 3 months away to New Year it’s not too early to start thinking and preparing for new resolutions, new goals and new you because we’re already in the last quarter of this year. 822 और  शब्द