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9 month madness

My gosh I thought I was tired when Mirabelle was a newborn but this is a whole other exhaustion.

It’s a constant eyes in the back of your head on edge type of tired. 348 और  शब्द


Back in a Week!

After a long and hot summer break we will resume our posts in a week! Stay tuned for more exciting stories and poems coming to you soon! 18 और  शब्द


None the better / None the wiser

2017 Kicked off with stress in high gear! Motor car license, (bonus down the drain), my daughter starting high school and me on my way to greet change with a “I arrived” smile! 135 और  शब्द

High School

But God Saved Us By His Mercy To Do Good Works

Paul wrote, “For we ourselves were once foolish, disobedient, led astray, slaves to various passions and pleasures . . . But when the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior appeared, he saved us (Tit. 466 और  शब्द

New Year

Pawsthetic Engineering - Lanna A.

     Hi! My name is Lanna A. I wanted to join the Biomedical course because I believed it was the best fit for the career path I would like to follow. 77 और  शब्द

The Sinful Attitudes of Malice and Envy

Fifth, we were “passing our days in malice and envy” (v. 3). The noun “malice” (kakia) means “dislike, ill will, hatefulness (TI 3.3), opposite… 318 और  शब्द

New Year

Vietnamese Heritage

Celebrating my first Vietnamese New Year Tet in my motherland and experiencing traditions passed on for thousands of years. Wearing the traditional Ao Dai, holding red packets (with money inside), red and gold peace and prosperity decorations, and vibrant flowers of all colors for the best luck of the year. 6 और  शब्द

Travel & Cultures