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At Least Something Is Changing

February has always felt like the longest month of every year. I thought it was just because I was a teacher and usually February meant keeping a bunch of stir crazy kids in the classroom all day because it was too cold to go outside. 1,283 और  शब्द

Track your habits

I’ve done a post already about bullet journals and why they’re great, I still stand by what I said. My bullet journal has helped me keep things in order. 100 और  शब्द

Our Experience: Shakers - Maboneng

17 February 2018 – Never in my life have I had so much fun at a venue. I remember we were even late for our next event because we just couldn’t leave, it was just too LIT! 729 और  शब्द

By: Amir Ezzat

When the word Canada is mentioned during a conversation, or read in an article, the first thought that comes up in one’s mind is how cold this country is. 2,734 और  शब्द


2018. Just Be.

Today is February 20, 2018. Hello world.

I wish I had a great excuse. A reason why this post (that no one is really looking for but me) is only going up today. 1,936 और  शब्द


Day 242 to 254 - North Vietnam Loop and into Laos

After the 8 days of “normal life” in an apartment in Hanoi, getting back on the road took some getting used to. The plan was to do a loop around the North of Vietnam, quite close to the border with China, there should be plenty of towns, and plenty to see. 1,811 और  शब्द

Ride Reports

Experiencing Edinburgh

For my first trip down memory lane there is no better place to reminisce than my eternal love for the city of Edinburgh. It is a love affair that has seen me visit the city four times in as many years, and each time I find a whole other reason to fall in love with Scotland’s capital. 1,012 और  शब्द