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01| JAN | 2015

Planned for sleepover with Jiayi actually supposed to have Noviene also but she said will be boring so she didn’t come. Oh well she missed out all the fun sadly. 482 more words


I erased "marriage" from my goal of 2015

Hi.. tadi gw baca2 lagi apa yg telah gw post dulu-dulu.. dan lucunya, gw berasa geli, jijik (geuleuh), dan merasa.. damn!! I feel ashamed of myself ~ ternyata dulu gw se-alay itu ya waktu putus cinta.. 615 more words


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Welcome to Debt Lifeguard

I graduated recently with my bachelors and a ton of debt.

Many of my friends could care less about paying off their debt. 53 more words


New Year’s Resolutions: Take 13

It has been more about 12 and a half weeks since the beginning of the year. That’s 12 and a half weeks since New Years Resolutions have meant to have been in place. 733 more words


I finally went! OIJI- korean restaurant in the East Village, NYC

If you’re in the mood for Korean food and you want a place where you’re given a bunch of free banchan (side dishes), with massive amounts of food… then go to K-town. 1,207 more words

New York

My Vacation in the Land of Sunsets, Surfing and Banana Pancakes

Living in Malaysia has been a thrilling adventure and I have quickly settled into a regular routine. Just as my life here was starting to feel like the new normal, it was time for our week long March break! 1,652 more words

SHwang's Honeymoon Part II - Tuscany & Venice!

Rome, Italy was definitely nonstop on the go. We had so many things to see and do that we didn’t really get to relax as much. 800 more words