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day eighty eight

871. for being close enough to attend most family events–like birthdays! (shoutout to bree!! happy 13th!!)

872. for not locking both sets of keys in my car… 125 और  शब्द


New Year's Resolutions

I say Near Year because, in the life of Isabel, my next year just started! I’ve always appreciated having a March birthday, when I was younger because it often fell during spring break and now that I’m older, it’s something to look forward to once the holiday excitement has worn off and we’ve gone through a few months of dreary, cold winter. 1,006 और  शब्द

Hiking Boots

Image #2

Small and wet,
one quarter into the new year.

On the ground and dirty,
your body full of
last Autumn’s leaves.

A puddle in Spring.

-M. C. Danzinger


Happy New Year!!

The first new moon of the new year was sighted in Israel this evening. Details are at RRenewed Moon.

Shalom in the Master!

Feast Days And Set-Apart Days

It's a New Year & New Things Are Happening!

Come check out a Personal Training Yoga (PTY) Fusion session! 30 minutes of personal training with Reuben Wouch followed by 30 minutes of restorative yoga with Mandee Metzger of Be Simple Be Healthy LLC. 9 और  शब्द

Happy Ugadi

Ugadi festival is celebrated today, as on 29th March’17, all over Karnataka with much enthusiasm and gaiety. It symbolises starting of a new Yuga or Period. 9 और  शब्द