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Japan Diaries Day 27 - New Year's Eve

Although I only had a little over a week left in my one-month trip to Japan last December, it was finally New Year’s Eve. Since New Year’s is mostly a family holiday in Japan, we continued our time with my  468 more words


Happy Birthday China!

This is the week where China celebrates it’s birthday!  Lots of fireworks!


The menu for your last meal.

My last meal will be kielbasa, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, canned green beans, and dumplings.  This is my typical New Years menu.  I absolutely love it.  There is nothing better.   58 more words


Cooking for Yom Tov? Don’t forget the people who are coping with a crisis situation!
Thus read the opening sentence to a pre-Yom Tov post. 725 more words

Charities In Israel

Post #5: The Success Trap

The fifth blog in my ‘A post every day for a month’ challenge

Over the past few days I’ve not been feeling the best so haven’t really been out the house much; although I’ve been enjoying resting, blogging and researching, I’ve not felt at my most exuberant and therefore, creative. 557 more words


Special Event Spotlight: Winter

As the days get shorter and the cold rolls in we only have one thing on the brain. A vacation to the warm and sunny tropical paradise of… 325 more words

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