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Tumblr doesn't get everyone

There are countless numbers of Tumblr posts all about love, sexuality, racism especially (seriously, why?). So almost everyday, or whenever I check back on tumblr, it’s always some quote about loving someone or being loved back bla bla bla, you get the drift. 352 और  शब्द


Sexually confused man from the "We are against Pink Dot" group created a petition against Adam Lambert to get his attention

Yet again a Singaporean male who don’t know how to express his true feelings are lashing out because he don’t know how to express himself properly. 586 और  शब्द


Make your 2016, EPIC!

As another year draws to an end, it’s a natural time for many of us to pause and reflect.

It’s time to journal and ask some of the important Life questions. 407 और  शब्द

Life Coach

Three Shortly (2015)

1. Gingerbread Men.
2. New Year wishes.
3. Downton Abbey.
Great picks-
Looking towards Season 6.


Holiday Photocards

Most of the cards at my Zazzle store have a photocard version. You can customize them by clicking on “Customize it”. Remove the placeholder images and you can insert your own photographs. 12 और  शब्द


First of all...

First of all

Garbage days circled

On the New Year’s calendar


New Year