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My Goals for the New School Year

Hey yall!

A new school year Is upon us and I can barely believe that I am a junior this year. The years are going by so quickly that I can’t keep up! 1,288 और  शब्द

Conquer College

"Guys, remember, this prayer is about us."

For me, the first activity of every new school year involves helping facilitate a leadership day for seniors.  They listen to a variety of talks, attend Mass, eat pizza, and write a senior prayer.   464 और  शब्द


Happy New (school) Year!

The beginning of the school year feels to me more like a new year than January 1st.  Without the resolutions and goal setting and navel gazing which is tradition in my January world! 185 और  शब्द


Welcome to College Prep Biology!

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  I am Ms. Griffith, your instructor for this course. On this blog, you will find the tools and resources needed to be successful in this class. 98 और  शब्द

New Year

Christmas and New Year At Peacehay

It might seem early, but December and the New Year period are very busy the Padstow area because of the towns famous Christmas Festival and fireworks… 67 और  शब्द


Cracked 5 ... August 15th, 2017

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Things Billy Joe McCrow Packed for His Weekend Rally with the Klan in Charlottesville, Virginia

A. Stars and Stripes boxers

B. Hair gel for his chest and back… 33 और  शब्द

Cracked 5