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Signs of Life

It has been one heck of a year. I know, usually folks say that at the end of the year, but the first few months of my 2015 haven’t gone quite as smoothly as I would have liked, which you may have guessed if you read my… 385 more words

Vaisakhi 2015

Vaisakhi is a festival celebrated in the Punjab region. The festival coincides with other festivals celebrated on the first day of Vaisakh, in some regions of the Indian Subcontinent such as Pohela Boishakh, the Bengali New Year or Bohag Bihu of Assam or Puthandu, the Tamil New Year.Vaisakhi is especially important for the Sikh community as it marks the establishment of the Khalsa. 14 more words

Nepalese New Year

Due to a lack of wifi I was unable to write earlier. But here is what it was happening:

In a way I got used again to travel alone, but I miss Jesse so much I feel I will explode sometimes. 402 more words

A Sri Lankan New Year...

After celebrating New Year together at home, we headed to my aunt’s. The house is situated near the Kurunegala-Anuradhapura main road and the area, now, is not totally remote. 169 more words


Off Subject: Red Underwear

January 31, 2014

Today is Chinese New Year and is the Year of the Horse, which means if you are a Horse (born in 78), you will have bad luck. 76 more words

Donovan: Month Ten

The New Year always makes me sentimental.  I like reflecting on all that has been accomplished and all of the events that made the year memorable.   284 more words