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It’s that time of year again..winter winds are growing colder, Christmas is right around the corner, hot cocoa cups are everywhere and we are getting closer to the new year. 305 और  शब्द

Long Reads

How to Choose Meaningful Goals

Think about the last goal you set for yourself. What was it? Was it related to your career? Your health? Maybe it was something to do with your family. 1,392 और  शब्द


Looking back at 2017

As 2017 draws to a close it’s a great time to stop and reflect on the year. Our homes have been busy through the year providing exceptional care and creating magical moments. 172 और  शब्द

Home Activities

Merry Christmas to Me & Team Weak

I had grand intentions of exiting 2017 with weekly blog posts all through the insanity that is the month of December. Just as it dawned I’d not posted since November, and guilt began to creep in, squatting heavy in my mind…I realized…IDGAF about finishing this month “strong”. 360 और  शब्द

Random Thoughts

New Year Eve Party with GIVE 2018

Nye Party At Diamond Palace Restaurant in Diamond Bar, CA 91765

New Year Eve Party

 Come celebrate with us for a great cause, Enjoy the delicious food, ACE (Adopt a Child’s Education) program. 32 और  शब्द

New Year Eve

I'm Back. Not In Black.

Mid-December and as January jumps in;

I will join the new year with a new blog spin.