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Thursday blogging: Tomorrow's my birthday and I'm riding high

Tomorrow I celebrate my 101st birthday. Since it falls in the middle of the year, I like to take this opportunity to look back over the past year and contemplate what I want to do next. 907 more words

New Year, New You- It can happen

Like many when January came i had a good look at myself and realised i had lost my way. I was now at the biggest I had ever been and how could I say I was happy. 475 more words


I Need Your Lovely Smile

Written: Maxima

Maxima is back this Wednesday with I Need Your Lovely Smile

Coming soon!
I Feel In My Heart a Love Poem

JAPAN: Kanagawa (The Zushi Beach Film Festival / Theater of the Sea)

Zushi Beach located in Kanagawa, Japan is only about an one hour train ride from Tokyo. It is a popular getaway for Tokyoites looking to escape the stifling summer heat and for the past six years has been the host of the… 263 more words


| Hello (again) |

Its been a while since I last posted on here, but I have gone through life & change in varying super amounts in the past few months. 507 more words

Following Christ