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How to Keep Children Hydrated This Summer

When summers are at doorstep and you are a parent of little one, your main worry is to keep them hydrated throughout the day. When your child use to intake less water, then you only think of infections and low activity level in your kid due to dehydration. 608 और  शब्द


The Distance Between Us (Part 1)


Pwesh mangoes! Pwesh mangoes!!

Pwesh mangoes were never fresh. Anyway, it mattered not. I don’t buy mangoes. I eat mangoes but I don’t buy them. 924 और  शब्द

Non Fiction

Pictures on the wall ....

…  or on the water wall to be more precise.    I have recently installed a small water wall in my garden  The shiny steel surface and constantly cascading water reflect the changing light and weather conditions as well as the colours produces by the flowers and plants.   16 और  शब्द