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The first post of (hopefully) many to this blog. Exploring Bristol, the south west of England, and various other parts of the world!



The moon and the stars made the night look like a beautiful painting. Cool breeze blew across the city doing right to all the wrong the sun had done. 209 more words

Just A Thought

Water is smart. Smartwater is dumb.

One of the dumbest and most popular tactics of the deceiver is to tell the exact opposite of the truth. It is based in a fear of having the truth become obvious, so its opposite is being enforced with plenty of words and fancy eyecandy and such. 574 more words

Society & Culture

5 Items To Keep In Your Gym Bag

Now that the East Coast never ending frost is finally starting to thaw its time to rev up the workouts. With that I know there are some key items beauties should keep to maintain fave during and after a sweat session. 195 more words