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What I talk about when I talk about swimming...

Before there was Murakami, there was Carver – Raymond Carver that is. I can totally see how Murakami was heavily influenced by him. If you’ve ever read Murakami Haruki’s “What I talk about when I talk about running”, you’ll know that he borrowed that title from Raymond Carver’s collection of short stories called “What we talk about when we talk about love”. 3,931 और  शब्द


New GATORBYTE: Tapping the Source

The University of Florida has an ambitious goal: to harness the power of its faculty, staff, students, and alumni to solve some of society’s most pressing problems and to become a resource for the state of Florida, the nation, and the world. 289 और  शब्द


December 7, 1916: Cleveland Activated Sludge Plant

December 7, 1916: Engineering News article. Activated Sludge Results at Cleveland Reviewed. “A comprehensive review of nearly a year’s operation of one of the two largest activated sludge plants in the United States. 167 और  शब्द


Young Woman Admits To Developing Severe Attachment To 'Hot-Mr-W.B.'

Following the sickness episodes that are said to have devastated Number 28 over the last couple of weeks, a certain young lodger has finally admitted to having developed a severe dependency on a certain companion. 95 और  शब्द

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Water and War and Water

Wars are caused by resources, and wars exacerbate resource scarcity. A new study shows just how much, and highlights the dangerous future 671 और  शब्द

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