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Finding Time to Write

The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry, and there are no schemes that go more awry for me than my writing time. 905 और  शब्द


Night Dancing in the Amtrak Yard

Night Dancing in the Amtrak Yard  

All the guard dogs are asleep.
The beagles hushed their junkyard rhapsody
After the last fire whistle.

The July heat lightning that lit the… 110 और  शब्द


#XD30 - 22

Sometimes I wanna give up.

But I have life to live.

And there’s so much more I have to give to this life.

So give up I shall not.



Today, I was stupid,
I was a human,
I made a human mistake,
A simple miscommunication,
A word slipped past my ear,
too much going on, 62 और  शब्द


7 Formalities Millennials Forgo in the Workplace

By Monica Sanchez

The most stressful location you can think of has recently become a fun place to be thanks to Millennials: the workplace.

Honestly, we should all be getting down on our knees and praising Millennials in some sort of weird cult-like ritual because we hate work a little less due to their ideals forcing the hands of little and big-name corporations changing the way they do business. 649 और  शब्द


Thursday Spotlight: Martin Eden

I haven’t read many books about writers, but amongst the ones that I have…this one is my favorite. It tells the story of a simple young man who, having saved a member of the upper class’ live, is introduced to a young, well-educated lady. 295 और  शब्द