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#OTD in 1882 – Birth of writer and poet, Padraic Ó Conaire, in Galway.

Patrick Joseph Conroy (Pádraic Ó Conaire) was born in Galway City in 1882 to middle-class Catholic publicans. Following the untimely deaths of his parents (his father in 1887 and his mother in 1894), he was reared by extended family members in the Connemara Gaeltacht and Co Clare. 425 और  शब्द

Irish History

On a peak.

From my photography and writing series The Art of Living

On a peak, in between peaks, interesting feeling to only have one direction to go…back to the route you safely know.


A Bullet

A bullet propelled from the barrel of a gun can end a life 

In a matter of seconds.

Tearing through not just flesh and bone… 220 और  शब्द


"Tag, You're It!"

Have you ever played ‘tag’?  The game we played as children with our friends and the neighborhood children where one person is ‘it’ and runs to ‘tag’ another person?  362 और  शब्द

Behind Her Eyes. Sarah Pinborough.

I was in the book section of a charity shop (as I do) when my eyes lit up- I had found it!

Now…. I read multiple positive reviews about this book- even a work colleague insisted that it was one of the best novels that she has ever read and recommended it on numerous occasions. 269 और  शब्द