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Play of Light

Sweat beaded and dripped
It accumulated
Behind her ears
Glued loose tendrils of toffee hair
Against the nape of her neck
Gave her a shiny, salty mustache… 40 और  शब्द


Dear Ava,


I hope
You well and
The kids
And Jack
Are safe
And happy
And set
To swimming
In the beautifully
Blue pool. 214 और  शब्द



A Child,
ripped from the center of me
battling for her own identity
from day one. That first night
we were alone.

Unaware, i was preparing… 97 और  शब्द


The Life and Times of a Short Story

The young short story begins with a bang as the author manages to write six thousand words in several non-continuous sittings over the course of two weeks, though the author will later describe it in workshop as a single moment of creative pure truth. 435 और  शब्द


Puddles and Whiskers, A Chuck Tail 2


The plan was to wait for her to leave and get another taxi to follow her. Now he had to go inside; adjusting his eyepatch and clothing, Chuck sauntered like an important person into Mills Market hoping he did not have to do import-export, whatever that was, anywhere around Lorika. 475 और  शब्द


Write....Every Day!

“You can’t say, I won’t write today, because that excuse will extend into several days, then several months, then… you are not a writer anymore, just someone who dreams about being a writer.” ~D.C. Fontana


Met die sekelmaan

Ek voer laat-aand gesprekke met die sekelmaan,

vertel hom van my drome se donker waters

en suutjies kruip die gety van gedagtes nader.

Angsbevange in hierdie oomblik van my stilte, 89 और  शब्द