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Thought #21

There I go again, not blogging for about a month or so. That’s what high school does to you.

So this year I am taking an AP English class, and may I say it is killing me. 334 और  शब्द


Blue Daunia Issue #2 Sneak Peek: Chapter One

“Not a word?” asked Constable Selkins, leaning back and rubbing his stout belly with his arms beneath his suspenders.

“Not so much as a single peep,” said Sheriff Stone, trying hard not to show his annoyance at the habitual rubbing.  1,384 और  शब्द


A Poet's Tale

A poet’s soul,

Is neither kind nor forgiving.

We have been hardened by life,

And moulded by its strife.

These are things we are not born with, but acquire: 50 और  शब्द


Schizophrenic Diary Post #4

The Conference, call.

Dear diary,

Life is short, that’s what we all say, since it’s what we all say. Honestly, life is not short, if you count the minutes from birth. 852 और  शब्द

The Next Chapter (pt. 2)

I took a moment today to re-read a post I wrote almost a year ago today, The Next Chapter. I wrote it right before starting my first job at Catalyst, which transformed into Rhythm Engineering, and smack in the middle of my first few months living in Kansas City. 581 और  शब्द

Thoughts And Things

Part Four: The Book

Part Four: The Book

As you enter the room, your eyesight adjusts to the dim light drifting from two standing lamps. The room is lined with bookshelves, and a substantial armchair rests in one corner. 531 और  शब्द

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