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Hey internet peoples!

So I had a few minutes to get on and talk to you all. I know it’s been forever!

I have an update on ‘Revenge’, it’s being printed as we speak. 278 और  शब्द

Me And My Thoughts

“It’s an animal drive to write or make art.”

“It’s an animal drive to write or make art.”

– Philipp Meyer, novelist, writer


An Interview with John Shirley (Part Four)

Interviewer: Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Numbering: Issue 12.A, Idea: Outliers & Outsiders (Part Eight)

Place of Publication: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Title: In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal… 2,480 और  शब्द


I absolutely love this Frankenstein image by my buddy Nat Jones! In fact, I’m certain Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley herself would approve. I think Nat masterfully captured the essence of Victor Frankenstein’s creature! 117 और  शब्द

Authorial Intentionality

I don’t think I told you this.

I mean, about my authorial intentionality a couple years back.

It was when I was writing my Novel, 1,002 और  शब्द


Not so anonymous blog anymore

So like you may know I have been writing my blogs secretly from my family and friends. Writing blog is quite embarrassing. My English isn’t that good and my posts plainly boring for the most of the time. 280 और  शब्द


To censor or not to censor ?

Its a lovely rainy Saturday afternoon here in Montreal. Its what I like to call the perfect weather for creating, writing & daydreaming. I do that in the summertime too but Its not the same. 176 और  शब्द