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The words come at me like a tsunami. Waves of thoughts flood my mind. One minute I’m texting in a conversation and I realize I have too much word per minute. 267 more words


Flat butt or what?.. Silly thinking

Do writers end up with a flat butt or what?

Sitting here at my desk, scribble, scribble, scribble,

type, type, type,

with a pillow under my gluteus maximus… 54 more words

Creative Writing

Bitcoin Network Still Backlogged With Tens of Thousands of Unconfirmed Transactions, Causing Delays

Over the past 24 hours, the blockchain has been inundated with small, spam-like transactions that are large in data size, but significantly small in bitcoin value transferred. 271 more words

Own It

Every shiver
My spine
The very quivers
Of my mind
As you undo
My inhibitions

Your rhythm
Deep within
The intensity of
Me… 54 more words


Importance of Place: Part 2

So I started a story. (Bear with me please, this does relate to the title and the previous post!) I wanted to try writing a contemporary romance, and I had several reasons for doing so: because so far I haven’t, to see if I could, for a challenge, for a change. 571 more words


Dress of the Flesh

I realized halfway down that the structure from which I had jumped wasn’t tall enough.

I was going to survive. So I stopped falling–somewhere around the fifth floor–and decided not to kill myself, or rather, to kill myself a different day. 161 more words

Short Fiction

A house fit for an author

For about five years, I’ve loved this house from afar.

I first encountered it when I met my husband. During our early dates, we would take long walks around his hometown of Streator, and I developed the habit of pointing out which houses I liked. 733 more words