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Is It Me?

Oh, the fun of being a writer –
It makes everybody twitchy.
For example, take the Skiter,
With his legs, always itchy,
Who ends up in a novel,

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The Show Must Go On

“Behind the velvet drapes of reality,

sadness is disguised with the phantom of thousand smiles.
Love that has started to fade away,
wears costume of a happy ending fairy tale. 149 और  शब्द


What to do when you’re a skint writer working on your first book.

1) Okay, well let’s get the bloody cliché out of the way.

’Write a listicle about what to do when you’re a skint writer working on your first book! 846 और  शब्द


The Question. A poem.

It’s a question
One we all ask ourselves
When no one else is there to ask
When we think God is no longer listening

When we feel low… 100 और  शब्द



Crumpled bloody sheet,

Bruised face, body still in the heat.

Lots of people wait to see,

None a wise man, willing to set her free. 81 और  शब्द


The Writer I Fight

Some people say that a writer has to write every day of their lives to consider themselves as a writer.

That no matter whether there is inspiration in their heads or words on the ends of their fingertips, a writer writes; a sentence, a feeling, a thought, a word. 166 और  शब्द