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Because I'm A Woman

Because I’m a woman

Wisdom soaks my morning prayers

Forget intellect

I woke up

Aided by awareness

I did that, no one else

Sometimes stifled by words… 195 और  शब्द


Live, While I Wait....

I am

In space.

My energy freed from a fragile shell of skin and bones.

I am.

More than I’ve ever been, I am now. 74 और  शब्द

On Top of the World.

What a magical time myself and my new writing friends had last week attending an Arvon residential writing course in Lumb Bank, Yorkshire.

Our tutors were the delightful romantic comedy writer, Chris Manby and the exuberant, larger than life Mike Gayle. 488 और  शब्द


Off To The Vets Again! 

I love my Snow, she literally means the world to me and tomorrow she goes under anesthetic again. And she seems to be handling this news a lot better than me! 222 और  शब्द


A gardeners wake

Not a word spoken.
Hidden by the heft
of tight drawn curtains
and a pearlescent pane.

Coat of dream slivers
and nascent nightmares
make blinds. 343 और  शब्द


Author Interview with Lyne Beringer

Introducing Lyne Beringer

I never thought the word “writer” would be used to describe me and the thoughts that tumble out of my head onto paper. 1,825 और  शब्द


Comedy Book Week!

For those who may have missed it, over the past week I’ve been supporting Comedy Book Week, interviewing a bunch of talented authors in my own inimitable style… 93 और  शब्द