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He returned from the washroom and smiled at the seat-filler who vacated his spot. His wife told him that a famous actress had just passed by offering him luck which pleased him. 732 more words

The Novel & Other Works

Power Ranger Pirates Season 2 Chapter 8B: Forever Dead

This chapter was written in an hour in the Cormac McCarthy quotation style. I was happy with how it turned out. Enjoy.

What’s happening? Jones wonders as he sees his fellow workers in disarray.

311 more words

The Voice Of A Magpie

I sometimes fear that I have nothing to say, but that very rarely seems to be the case. Does that mean I always have something interesting to say? 275 more words


of the angry skater

today was haunted by the angry skater
he skated by us, semi-naked, tattooed
music blaring, barely caring
that anyone was in his path
is he really angry? 53 more words


a flower under heel not heal

everything can kill you
delicate glass of water – they spill you
you are a sneeze, a cough
you had your peak, now your trough… 98 more words


Why Do I Go to Writer's Conferences?

I go to a fair number of conferences and workshops.  I go because my degree is an MBA, not an MFA. I also go because the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know. 660 more words


The importance of books

photo source: Ljiljana Habjanovic Djurovic by Hello! magazine

“It’s important to read also because you see you’re not the one who is worst off in the world and also because you can become a better person.” 1,600 more words