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Everything of You - Author Nolan P. Holloway Jr.

Reality says it can’t happen
Wanting to speak, to be with you
But you have other things going on
That closes the space I want to be in… 98 और  शब्द



What happened
i gave you all my passion
yet differences took over our interactions
take me to that place


You told me i’m yours with no debate… 81 और  शब्द

Lino Robles

what I do when I can't produce well

There comes days when I don’t have it in me to write. It’s either to late and I’m not in the right state of mind to post anything with good structure, or I didn’t prepare anything mentally because its been such a fast paced day. 442 और  शब्द


The false healer

The disruptions and insults to the body. The sensual and the suffering. Why, we have a pill to make the prick hard and the mind soft; their hollow voices, their petty vices, coarse from curses, bated with sarcasm, and I see the pain, the empty meditations of bone and grievous tissue; I make no issue with what they feel, their raving appeals for healing. 78 और  शब्द

Indie Author

On Being Thankful and the State of PaulAloisio.com

I’d like to take some time to clear up a few things about what has been going on with the site, because to my surprise, I  645 और  शब्द



We should consider our behavior against those who we turn our backs on while fighting for those Black Friday deals.


Two Articles Published: "Thanksgiving Table Tips" & "The ANA Responds to the AMA’s Ban on DTC Pharmaceutical Advertising"

Hello, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying your Black Friday shopping madness. And, for those of you not living in the U.S., I hope your days have been splendid as well. 400 और  शब्द

Meg LaTorre