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12/12/17 (exams, and how I am avoiding them)

I think I am probably going to skip all my exams. I mean, my grades are so bad already even if I got a perfect score my grade would still be failing, so why not just save myself the stress and the hassle? 262 और  शब्द


Writers Are Readers Too: Three Awesome Reasons to Read Every Day

Writing and reading are like peanut butter and jelly. No, I don’t mean they make a delicious combination when spread between two slices of bread… I mean they go hand in hand. 850 और  शब्द


Online - Episode #3

New beginnings are simply the best. Everything’s all nice and shiny. I love the excitement! As good as a clean slate sounds, what is it but the calm before the storm. 1,049 और  शब्द

My Obsessions

Jenn’s December TBR

Listen, I’m behind with reading and blogging. November was crazy. I was busy essentially all month. So, I’m hoping that winter break will give me some time to get caught up. 193 और  शब्द


जश्न-ए-रेख्ता - उर्दू महोत्सव - नयी दिल्ली

Picture Gallery for all who missed  – JASHN-E-REKHTA (जश्न-ए-रेख्ता), the Urdu festival happened at Dhyan Chand National Stadium, New Delhi (08th – 10th Dec’2017).