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Love is in the air....

Hi, lovely readers!

Being that we are only 4 days away from Valentine’s Day, I’d thought I’d post something/share some news with you all.

I know I said I was going to take 2016 by storm and finish stories. 147 और  शब्द

Angel Writes

This Year, I'm Giving Up.

It’s drilled into us that for lent we’re meant to give something up. One of the few occasions were giving up has positive connotations.

I’m giving something up for lent. 186 और  शब्द


The Fawn

Softly, the rays of sunlight
finds passage through
maze of evergreen
over mossy dew,
where primrose
opens anew.
White heron
or two —
glides hello, 37 और  शब्द


Matt Burriesci

Lots of great hard working writers have died poor. Financial success was mostly a matter of luck.
– Matt Burriesci

Burriesci, M. (2015). Dead white guys: A father, his daughter and the great books of the Western world.


Hey, do you read my blog?

The title has little to no importance to this post. It was actually a quote from a video I just saw, and I’ll be talking about that! 303 और  शब्द

Update on the Home Front.

Apologies for no blog post last week but I have been busy with book two of my Sanctuary series. Home Front is in the finishing stage and it will be out in ebook – with luck and perseverance! 252 और  शब्द