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An Editor Calms the Fears of a Writer

When I was about to publish Fall in Love with Writing, I had this moment of doubt. What if the book isn’t any good? 606 और  शब्द


Patricia McDonald

This is what I call a true to life imitating art example. The author of this article, an author of fiction, never imagined her life would take such a turn, like that of the characters she had created. 784 और  शब्द

Inspirational Stories

Break over!

I had to take my own advice. I needed a break. My semester ended last week and I couldn’t grade projects, papers and stuff, and maintain new blog material. 107 और  शब्द


Continue To Dare

Continue To Dare

It is a simple natural way
On the speculative route,
As things shuffle continually.

Swooping down on vulnerability,
To fly away with claws filled… 118 और  शब्द


Taming the inner doubt

If you tame something by defininition you take control.
Doubt is by definition a feeling of uncertainty.
In order to tame our inner doubt we have to first believe in our own ability to take control and be more proactive. 177 और  शब्द

The flutter of wings
So fast it’s a blurr.
Beautiful black tail
Long and curved.
Feeding from blossoms
In quick little spurts.
It’s a privilege to be visited
By the doctor birds. -ria