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Minions! To My Side!-50

We’ve been through war, famine, plague, and spilled coffee. Thank you for 50 follows! Let’s continue to fight boredom together. For glory!


La mirada del Ángel .

Dicen que todos los cuentos tienen un final y que es ese final el que esperamos encontrar cuando nos queda solo una hoja del libro. Pasamos con ánsia las hojas leyendo con rapidez , buscando e imaginando el resultado , el desenlace, por nuestra imaginación pasan mil posibles finales, y en todas las ocasiones, queremos un: … 373 और  शब्द


You Want A Good Life, Brat?

“Only thing worse than the smell of Vietnamese food is the taste,” George said to his mom, Cam.

“Shut up,” Cam said. “If I talked to my parents like that, they hit me.” 247 और  शब्द


Part 17 - Feeling poetic

Sometimes on the drive home, with Classic FM winding me down from a long day, I begin to feel poetic.

Today is a day for poetry. 79 और  शब्द


I won't be around..

One day,
You will look out for me,
Like I have been looking out for you.
And I won’t be around anymore.

You will try to find me in crowds. 130 और  शब्द


The Edge

“Walk to the edge of your life…bravely.” – Te’

There is an edge
that I have walked to
once again.

Only this time…

I do not teeter. 90 और  शब्द